Welcome to the hub of to-the-point and accurate information about all types of speakers and audio systems. Speaker101 is Wikipedia for speakers. Here you will find solutions to your problems regarding choosing or installing a suitable speaker, head unit, subwoofer or complete audio system, It is created to help people who are confused and need help.

Here on speaker101, all reviews are written after intense research and real assessment based on pros and cons.

Our aim is:

1).           to guide our readers to choose the best speaker, head unit, subwoofers, or any other audio system available in the market at the best reasonable price.

2).           To make our readers understand and solve different issues faced while installing and operating their audio systems.

3).           To choose the best budget audio system as per their requirement.

If someone chooses the wrong audio system for a purpose, he will face a lot of trouble, as I had faced. But then I went through a lot of research and in the process, I learned a lot of things about selecting the right audio system and its installation. And now I decided to share all the information with readers as they might face the problems that once I had.

Speaker101 will publish reviews that readers will love and it will be a great source of information and solution to all worries about their new audio systems purchase and installation.

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